Marzano’s “High probability” strategies

Here’s an article on effective teaching strategies that I’ve been using this year:

Marzano Review of Effective Strategies

Here’s the strategies summarised in a word document:
Marzano strategy guide

I like it for three reasons:

1: It describes a wide range of instructional strategies and divides them up by the different phases of learning. This gives us a useful ‘toolkit’ of approaches to think about when planning lessons.

2: It is cautious in its conclusions – explicitly warning that even strategies with considerable evidence of positive effect (e.g. AFL) do not always work and can even have negative effects on learning. It points out the obvious, yet often overlooked, point that professional judgement is key to effective teaching.

3: Because of points 1 and 2 above, it warns that observers of teaching should a) not expect to see every strategy evident in every lesson (let alone in a 20 minute period), and b) that checklist and ticklist approaches to the appraisal of teaching are simplistic, counter-productive and “profoundly anti-professional”.

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