The Ultimate List Of UK Education Bloggers Version 2

The Echo Chamber

This is a new version of my attempt to list all the education bloggers based in, or from, the UK. There may still be mistakes, but I have added many blogs that weren’t there before and removed many that shouldn’t be there. I have attempted to leave out all blogs that haven’t been updated in the last 6 months. I have missed out ones that are probably more to do with journalism than blogging. I have missed out one because of ethical issues (don’t ask).

Responsibility for mistakes is all mine but I have to thank the following Twitter people for invaluable help: @eyebeams,  @emc2andallthat,  @diankenny,  @mathsjem,  @_rhi_rhi@bekblayton,  @ramtopsgrum,  @Just_Maths,  @5N_Afzal,  @Mr_Bunker_edu, and  @annaworth. Apologies if I missed anyone off of…

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