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How Should Students Revise? by @Nick_J_Rose

Originally posted on Starter for Five:
Name: Nick Rose Twitter name: @Nick_J_Rose Sector: Secondary Subject taught (if applicable): Psychology Position: Leading practitioner for psychology and research What is your advice about? How should students revise? 1: Practice testing: Use low-stakes…

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What do UK teachers think of some common arguments about pedagogy?

An informal survey about what UK teachers think about some of the more contentious arguments surrounding pedagogy. If you’d like to take the survey you can click the link below. The responses to this second survey will be analysed at … Continue reading

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The Ultimate List Of UK Education Bloggers Version 2

Originally posted on The Echo Chamber:
This is a new version of my attempt to list all the education bloggers based in, or from, the UK. There may still be mistakes, but I have added many blogs that weren’t there…

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What’s important about subject knowledge?

I had the great pleasure to spend the day finding out about University Learning in Schools (ULiS); a two-year project investigating whether partnering up teachers and PhD research students could enhance KS3 teacher’s subject knowledge and raise pupil achievement in … Continue reading

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One year of blogging

On Wednesday 18th June the Evidence into Practice blog had its first birthday. I’d originally intended to write something on this earlier in the week, but on Tuesday our school got a call from Ofsted … When it started out, … Continue reading

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Great teacher talk

The ‘war’ on Teacher Talk Time was one of the more depressing developments in my teaching career. Obviously secondary students will rapidly get bored if they are subjected to lectures – no one is advocating that teachers should drone on … Continue reading

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What can we learn from the failure of minimally guided instruction?

The failure of ‘pure discovery’ learning: The case against ‘pure’ discovery learning is pretty damning. A number of fairly recent papers have consistently reported that minimally guided instruction simply doesn’t work. For example: Mayer – American Psychologist, 2004 Klahr and … Continue reading

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Does teaching style really matter?

In the debate between more traditional and progressive approaches to teaching, one of the factors that serves to polarise positions are the unfair stereotypes of teaching style. Those favouring direct instruction are frequently painted as promoting ‘Gradgrind’ style rote-learning – … Continue reading

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Parent presentation on effective revision

Here’s a short presentation on effective revision intended for parents of Y10 and Y11 students attending an information evening about the GCSE exams this summer. The presentation: What is effective revision and how can parents help? It’s a mixture of … Continue reading

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Teaching science using analogies: A worked example

Many aspects of science are difficult for students to learn because they relate to objects or processes we cannot (easily) see or compete with ‘common-sense’ theories (misconceptions) that children already possess. A recent study suggests that using analogies can help … Continue reading

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