Classroom climate

Getting the behaviour right in your classroom requires using the behaviour management system effectively. Indeed, each of us has an important professional responsibility in this. To get the kind of behaviour we want from our pupils right across the school requires all of us to use the behaviour management system, and use it consistently.

A recent study by Haydn (2014) To what extent is behaviour a problem in English schools? Exploring the scale and prevalence of deficits in classroom climate underlines many of the behaviour issues that teachers face.

I’ve adapted the scale he used in his survey studies so that it could be used within coaching. You can read more about it here:
Talking about the behaviour in our lessons

Resources for coaching groups:

Two articles from David Didau discuss some of the key elements in effective behaviour management:
Back to school Part 1: Routines
Back to school Part 2: Relationships

A behaviour toolkit: Bite-sized strategies and suggestions for improving behaviour for learning. Much of the ‘sciencey bit’ of each section looks well-meaning but not strictly evidence-based – but the strategies themselves look fairly sound and could be tried and evaluated.

Bill Rogers on behaviour management: Top tips and video clips A collection of short clips and top tips for behaviour management

Behaviour Management (Teachers TV ITE Lecture Series) Originally filmed for Teacher TV, this training video presents a lecture to ITT students.

GTC BfL research anthology: This GTC document is from 2010 and attempts to bring together some of the cumulative findings from research in this anthology based on Research for Teachers (RfT) summaries. It looks at effective teaching and learning behaviours for both primary and secondary phases, and examines some of the theories and ideas that underpin them.

Managing pupil behaviour: From Teacher Support (Counselling, information and research for all teachers) – this addresses myths regarding behaviour and a range of behaviour improvement approaches and strategies to try.

Teachers’ TV: 3,500 archived short TV programmes related to teaching and learning.


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