Oracy and literacy

Developing student speaking and writing skills shouldn’t simply be ‘tagged on’ to sequence of lessons, but arise as an integral part of everyday teaching. Some starting points are listed below:


David Didau discusses some ideas here: Developing oracy: It’s talkin’ time!

There are also some ideas from Voice 21 (An EEF pilot project run between School 21, University of Cambridge): Developing oracy in your school


There’s a great discussion by David Didau about some of the well-intentioned but misguided approaches to developing writing in lessons – and a host of ideas for improving these approaches here: Do we value pupils’ writing?

He’s also developed some great ideas around ‘Slow Writing’: Slow Writing: how slowing down can improve your writing and Revisiting Slow Writing – how slowing writing might speed up thinking

Some subject areas find it easier to embed extended writing than others. However, some ideas from Shaun Allison for maths lessons can be found here: Developing Literacy Through Maths

It’s a little dated, but some of the guidance from the ASE to support the National Literacy Strategy in science has some good pointers: Science teaching and literacy, part 1: Writing