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How do we develop teaching? A journey from summative to formative feedback

researchED: Research leads network day, Brighton. April 18th 2015 The beginning of the new term means it’s taken a little while to get around to blogging about the great event on Saturday. This tardiness is additionally poor given that I … Continue reading

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Growth mindset: What interventions might work and what probably won’t?

Whether discussed under the guise of ‘resilience’, ‘grit’ or ‘character’, there appears to be a great appetite for psychologically manipulating pupils’ personalities or their attributions about school. One concept which has particularly captured the imagination of teachers and school leaders … Continue reading

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The worrying rise of soft-psychotherapy in schools

What is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)? “… for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”                                                                       Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2 CBT is a form of ‘talking therapy’ and operates from the model that conditions like panic … Continue reading

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Conflicted about cognitive conflict

I’ve written before about the importance of challenging children’s misconceptions when it comes to teaching. “Psychologists from Piaget to Sweller couch learning in terms of the acquisition and refinement of schema. One of the limitations, I hypothesise, of direct instruction … Continue reading

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What skills are worth teaching?

The argument regarding the relative importance of teaching generic or transferable skills and teaching the inflexible knowledge which underlies more flexible thinking, is one that divides many teachers and, in my opinion, typically generates more heat than light. Part of … Continue reading

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Growth mindset: It’s not magic

One of the barriers to opportunities afforded by education is the mindset of our students. There’s a considerable body of evidence supporting the view that implicit theories of intellect can undermine or improve student motivation in school. Whether the student … Continue reading

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What can we learn from the failure of minimally guided instruction?

The failure of ‘pure discovery’ learning: The case against ‘pure’ discovery learning is pretty damning. A number of fairly recent papers have consistently reported that minimally guided instruction simply doesn’t work. For example: Mayer – American Psychologist, 2004 Klahr and … Continue reading

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The Working Memory Model – a brief guide for teachers (and A’ level students)

It’s interesting to see how cognitive science has recently become interesting to teachers. The field has some useful models and findings when it comes to understanding memory and motivational processes; some of which are quite applicable to teaching. It’s worth … Continue reading

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Beyond ideology: Can education move beyond the traditionalist vs progressive ‘debate’?

Education is now in crisis (and in one sense that’s a good thing) Thomas Kuhn proposed that science periodically evolved through dramatic paradigm shifts. All scientific theories are open to refinement / revolution but the process isn’t continuous. When anomalies … Continue reading

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‘Killing’ with kindness and the dangers of differentiation

Towards the end of last year, the newspapers appeared full of negative reports about teachers holding low expectations of students. Students from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds (especially white working class children and black children) are underachieving in schools and one of … Continue reading

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