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What skills are worth teaching?

The argument regarding the relative importance of teaching generic or transferable skills and teaching the inflexible knowledge which underlies more flexible thinking, is one that divides many teachers and, in my opinion, typically generates more heat than light. Part of … Continue reading

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Meta-analysis in education: Some cautionary tales from other disciplines

Whilst meta-analysis is a potentially powerful tool, it’s not without its limitations. A good summary of some of the general issues with meta-analysis can be found here. Within education, meta-analysis has recently become highly prominent. John Hattie’s work is probably the … Continue reading

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Limitations of meta-analysis

Here’s an interesting blog article looking at how effect sizes of educational interventions (as measured by standardised reading and maths tests) decline as students get older. It’s an important caveat to bear in mind when looking at meta-analyses of effective … Continue reading

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Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning

A summary from Durham University of some of the research on improving learning and attainment to help schools make more informed choices about how to allocate the Pupil Premium. Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning This review article looks at … Continue reading

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Meta-analysis of ‘what works’

A meta-analysis is an analysis of a large number of studies and is used to try to draw out a general pattern from a very large number of results. Meta-analyses of educational research have become more popular in recent years, … Continue reading

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