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Eliminating unnecessary workload

The ‘Workload Challenge’ consultation ran between 22 October and 21 November 2014. In February 2015 the analysis of this survey was published. The survey asked three main questions about workload: Tell us about the unnecessary and unproductive tasks which take … Continue reading

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Lesson observations: Would picking a top set get you a better grading?

Lesson observations: Approach with caution! For any measure of teaching effectiveness to be useful, it needs to be valid. To be valid, a measure also needs to be reliable. Reliability represents the consistency of a measure. A measure is said … Continue reading

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Is there a ‘cargo cult’ approach to school improvement?

“… I found things that even more people believe, such as that we have some knowledge of how to educate. There are big schools of reading methods and mathematics methods, and so forth, but if you notice, you’ll see the … Continue reading

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Professor Robert Coe at ResearchED 2013

Interesting talk at the Researched 2013 conference by Prof. Robert Coe looking at the limitations of educational research and looking at aligning practice better with evidence. Practice & Research in Education: How Can We Make Both Better, and Better Aligned?

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Areas for improvement

Happened upon an interesting blog article – the results of a randomised sample of Ofsted reports which identified the most common cited ‘areas for improvement’. What’s quite helpful are the links to resources for these identified areas: Ofsted reports – … Continue reading

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