Teacher survey

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An informal survey about what UK teachers think about some of the more contentious arguments surrounding pedagogy.

The original survey ran from 5:45 pm (GMT) Mon 26th Oct 2015 until 5:45 Tuesday 27th.

If you’d like to take the survey you can click the link below, but your responses won’t form part of the first survey (though it’s possible I’ll analyse further responses at a later date if I get enough).


Broadly inspired by this paper by Juhani Tuovinen. The purpose of the survey is to explore some of the views and values teachers hold about teaching. The survey will ask you to provide some basic demographic info then the following page will ask you to rate your view of some opinions about teaching and learning.

Results and analysis – part 1

Results and analysis – part 2

Results and analysis – part 3

Results and analysis – part 4


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