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The hard problems of soft-skills

Since the beginning of my teaching career, there has been periodic interest in how schools can explicitly modify the character of our students. My first encounter was emotional well-being and projects like SEAL. Reports appeared to suggest that SEAL had … Continue reading

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Evaluating educational interventions

Article by Willingham about the processes teachers should undertake when planning to adopt innovations in teaching. In an industry riddled with snake-oil (e.g. brain gym) and pseudoscience (e.g. NLP) – it’s a worthy read! Measured Approach or Magical Elixir? Willingham … Continue reading

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Growth mindset

TED talk on how mindset affects success; explaining Carol Dweck’s research into the benefits of a ‘growth mindset’. The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TED The Evidence Based Teachers Network suggests that “While the evidence … Continue reading

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