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What skills are worth teaching?

The argument regarding the relative importance of teaching generic or transferable skills and teaching the inflexible knowledge which underlies more flexible thinking, is one that divides many teachers and, in my opinion, typically generates more heat than light. Part of … Continue reading


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Teacher’s toolbox

Here’s a useful set of short articles on some of the key elements of AFL and motivation. Formative teaching methods Dweck on motivation The articles all come from the Cambridge Regional College: Teacher’s Toolbox website – where you can find … Continue reading

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Dweck’s theory of motivation

Here’s an article on Geoff Petty’s site about Carol Dweck’s work on motivation for learning: Dweck – Theory of motivation Dweck’s ideas helped form the basis of programmes like BLP and the theory is simply explained on the site. The … Continue reading

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Differentiation resources

The Geoff Petty website has a great range of resources to support innovation in teaching. One example is this page of resources on differentiation: Geoff Petty: Differentiation materials Whilst many of the strategies over-rely (in my opinion) on Bloom’s Taxonomy … Continue reading

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