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Goodbye Mr Chips: can research tell teachers how to teach?

Back in October, I took part in a debate at the Battle of Ideas. Hosted by Kevin Rooney and featuring Professor Frank Furedi, Jack Marwood and Munira Mirza, the discussion focused on the relevance of research to classroom practice. The … Continue reading

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Ethical issues in teacher-led research

At the last research leads event at Cambridge, I raised the issue of ethical considerations where teachers engage in research. Here are some thoughts: First of all, it’s important not to over-state the seriousness of ethical issues in teacher-led research … Continue reading

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Developing research leads in schools: The Janus-faced role of a research lead

researchED: Research leads network day, Cambridge. March 14th 2015  source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Janus_coin.png In a brief stop-over between Sydney and Dubai, Tom Bennett was surprised and delighted to discover so many teachers prepared to ‘give up a Saturday’ to come and explore … Continue reading

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Developing research leads within schools: ‘the good we oft might win’

‘Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.’ Measure for measure, Act I Scene IV ResearchED Research Leads Network Day, 13th December 2014 It is perhaps indicative of the character … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful about research

The hard problems of education Education is faced with many hard problems. Perhaps two of the biggest at the moment are: Which teaching methods lead to the greatest gains for our students? How do we overcome the link between low … Continue reading

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