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The ‘artificiality’ of teaching

In my last post, I argued that the universality and the spontaneous development of teaching leads to the conclusion that teaching is a natural ability. The post generated some really interesting responses, but one from @informed_edu made a direct attempt … Continue reading

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The science of learning

Here’s a really clear, short and applicable summary of the key areas of cognitive science which can be applied to the classroom: The Science of Learning The summary looks at six questions about learning, giving a quick summary of the science … Continue reading

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How do we develop teaching? A journey from summative to formative feedback

researchED: Research leads network day, Brighton. April 18th 2015 The beginning of the new term means it’s taken a little while to get around to blogging about the great event on Saturday. This tardiness is additionally poor given that I … Continue reading

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Research tools for teacher inquiry

Excellent day out in Brighton for the ResearchED: Research Leads network day. I’ll blog about the day properly later in the week, but the presentation is here: Developing research tools for teacher inquiry v1.3

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Ethical issues in teacher-led research

At the last research leads event at Cambridge, I raised the issue of ethical considerations where teachers engage in research. Here are some thoughts: First of all, it’s important not to over-state the seriousness of ethical issues in teacher-led research … Continue reading

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Developing research leads in schools: The Janus-faced role of a research lead

researchED: Research leads network day, Cambridge. March 14th 2015  source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Janus_coin.png In a brief stop-over between Sydney and Dubai, Tom Bennett was surprised and delighted to discover so many teachers prepared to ‘give up a Saturday’ to come and explore … Continue reading

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Developing research leads within schools: ‘the good we oft might win’

‘Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.’ Measure for measure, Act I Scene IV ResearchED Research Leads Network Day, 13th December 2014 It is perhaps indicative of the character … Continue reading

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A refreshing lack of certainty: Reflections on researchED 2014

Yesterday, I had the enormous pleasure of attending researchED 14 and giving a talk (indulging in a rant) about the prevalence of pseudoscientific ideas within education. The talk appeared to be filmed, so if it turns up on the (shiny) … Continue reading

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