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What can we learn from the failure of minimally guided instruction?

The failure of ‘pure discovery’ learning: The case against ‘pure’ discovery learning is pretty damning. A number of fairly recent papers have consistently reported that minimally guided instruction simply doesn’t work. For example: Mayer – American Psychologist, 2004 Klahr and … Continue reading


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The effects and impact of AfL

Since Black and Wiliam published ‘Inside the Black Box’ in 1998, AfL strategies have dominated a great deal of professional development time, had significant influence on national education policy and has become an unquestioned feature of ‘good practice’. However, to … Continue reading

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Limitations of meta-analysis

Here’s an interesting blog article looking at how effect sizes of educational interventions (as measured by standardised reading and maths tests) decline as students get older. It’s an important caveat to bear in mind when looking at meta-analyses of effective … Continue reading

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Evidence based teachers network

On the suggested links page you’ll find a wealth of sites related to evidence-based education and research. One of the ones I’m subscribed to is the Evidence based teachers network which sends an email about once a month with some … Continue reading

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Marzano engagement strategies

Following on from Maxine’s presentation this morning, here’s 5 tips from Robert Marzano on creating greater engagement in the classroom: 5 ways to get and keep your students’ attention

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Using games to enhance student achievement

Here’s an interesting article from Marzano on using academic games. As well as motivating, well thought-out games can also raise achievement … “Over the last five years, I have had the opportunity to examine the influence of academic games in … Continue reading

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Marzano’s “High probability” strategies

Here’s an article on effective teaching strategies that I’ve been using this year: Marzano Review of Effective Strategies Here’s the strategies summarised in a word document: Marzano strategy guide I like it for three reasons: 1: It describes a wide … Continue reading

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