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Lesson observations: Would picking a top set get you a better grading?

Lesson observations: Approach with caution! For any measure of teaching effectiveness to be useful, it needs to be valid. To be valid, a measure also needs to be reliable. Reliability represents the consistency of a measure. A measure is said … Continue reading

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How do we develop teaching? A journey from summative to formative feedback

researchED: Research leads network day, Brighton. April 18th 2015 The beginning of the new term means it’s taken a little while to get around to blogging about the great event on Saturday. This tardiness is additionally poor given that I … Continue reading

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Growth mindset: What interventions might work and what probably won’t?

Whether discussed under the guise of ‘resilience’, ‘grit’ or ‘character’, there appears to be a great appetite for psychologically manipulating pupils’ personalities or their attributions about school. One concept which has particularly captured the imagination of teachers and school leaders … Continue reading

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Developing research leads within schools: ‘the good we oft might win’

‘Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.’ Measure for measure, Act I Scene IV ResearchED Research Leads Network Day, 13th December 2014 It is perhaps indicative of the character … Continue reading

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Investigating teaching using a student survey

In October I blogged on how student perception surveys might be used to provide a fairly reliable measure of teaching effectiveness. Since then, I have been piloting a version of the MET survey to investigate my own teaching (along with … Continue reading

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Improving classroom observation

Interesting blog article by Prof. Robert Coe on the difficulty in providing valid, reliable and useful feedback from lesson observations. Classroom observation: it’s harder than you think “The reported reliabilities of observation instruments used in the MET study range from … Continue reading

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Professor Robert Coe at ResearchED 2013

Interesting talk at the Researched 2013 conference by Prof. Robert Coe looking at the limitations of educational research and looking at aligning practice better with evidence. Practice & Research in Education: How Can We Make Both Better, and Better Aligned?

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